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For digital PCR lasers

digital PCRIt is the third generation PCR technology, which is an absolute quantitative technique for nucleic acid molecules. Compared with traditional qPCR technology, digital PCR (dPCR) has the characteristics of absolute quantification, no need for standards, low sample demand, high sensitivity, and high tolerance.

Digital PCR generally includes two parts, namely PCR amplification and fluorescence signal analysis. In the PCR amplification stage, digital PCR generally requires diluting the sample to a single molecule level and evenly distributing it into tens to tens of thousands of units for reaction, using specific lasers to excite fluorescence signals in the channel. After amplification, statistical analysis is performed on the fluorescence signals of each reaction unit, and the original concentration or content of the sample is calculated through direct counting or Poisson distribution formula.

Performance for digital PCR lasers

• High power stability

• Excellent optical performance

• Easy maintenance

• intelligent control

• Complete machine/component optional

•Free space/fiber coupling

•Single wavelength/multi wavelength options

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