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Flow Cytometry (FCM) is a powerful tool for multi-parameter analysis or sorting of cells in heterogeneous cell populations. Under the condition that the structure and function of cells and Organelle are not destroyed, multiple signals are obtained from the molecular level to conduct quantitative analysis or purification and sorting of cells, and the measurement is fast, large, accurate, sensitive and quantitative. It can be used for a series of applications such as immunotyping (leukocyte), ploidy analysis (DNA), cell count and GFP (Green fluorescent protein) expression analysis. An analytical technique for detecting multiple physicochemical and functional indicators of a single cell or particle in a flowing state

Flow characteristics: strong specificity, high sensitivity, fast speed, and the ability to achieve multi-parameter analysis.

The principle of flow detection is to excite various fluorescein and fluorescent dyes carried by a high-speed flowing single cell through laser excitation, and detect the scattered light and fluorescence emission light generated from this, reflecting various characteristics of the cell through the strength of various light signals.

The flow system mainly consists of a liquid flow system, a light path system, signal measurement, and cell sorting.


Laser performance for streaming applications:

• High power stability and low noise

• Good beam pointing

• Single color module/multi color platform available

• customizable

• CE certification

Common wavelengths:405nm,473nm,488nm,532nm,561nm,593.5nm,638nm,671nm,785nm等。

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