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Quality Engineer

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Post duties

1) Develop, maintain, and continuously improve quality management systems (ISO systems, etc.), and ensure their effective implementation.

2) Participate in the audit of product production and process flow to ensure compliance with quality assurance requirements.

3) Cooperate with the R&D and engineering departments to conduct trial production and quality control of new products.

4) Promote the standardization of business processes.

5) Analyze the Failure cause of RMA, final products and engineering products, and propose rectification plans.

6) Responsible for internal and external audits of the company, serving as a quality representative to handle matters related to suppliers and customers.

Job requirements

1) Bachelor's degree in Optoelectronics, Machinery, Communication and other science and engineering majors, with at least 2 years of quality management experience. Familiar with laser and optoelectronic module products is preferred.

2) Proficient in ISO system and familiar with quality management techniques.

3) Able to prepare quality management system documents.

4) Strong teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility, proactive in work.

5) A certain level of English writing and oral communication skills.

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