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Wuxi Milewave Photonics paticipated 2021 Laser World of Photonics China Successfully

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On March 19, 2021, the three-day 16th Laser World of Photonics China will end in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Since its holding in 2006, the Laser World of Photonics China has become an annual event in the Chinese laser, optical, and optoelectronic industries.

As one of the leaders in laser research and manufacturing in China, Milewave exhibited M-BIOS series lasers, LDI lasers, RGB synthetic white light lasers, straight line lasers, and multi wavelength laser modules at this optical expo. All products can be customized (wavelength, power, spot, size, etc.), receiving high praise from customers and achieving multiple cooperation intentions on site.


Following are the lasers exhibited


1. M-BIOS series lasers: single mode/multimode, free space/fiber coupling, single wavelength/multi wavelength optional, with high power stability and low noise characteristics, applied in fields such as flow cytometry, gene sequencing, medical imaging, confocal imaging, etc., with wavelengths ranging from 375nm to 1550nm.



2. 405nm LDI laser - With high power stability, excellent optical performance, easy maintenance, and optional components, it is widely used in fields such as direct imaging of circuit board printing, fluorescence excitation, material processing, biochemical research, etc. The power of our 405nm LDI laser can range from 10W to 40W.


3. RGB synthetic white light laser - color temperature and brightness adjustable, output power up to tens of W, mainly used in fields such as endoscopes, fluorescence excitation, and lighting


4. One line laser - With good uniformity, high power stability, good consistency, high reliability, long lifespan, compact structure, and easy operation, it is applied in fields such as machine vision, collimation, optoelectronic detection, scientific instruments, QPCR, digital PCR, atmospheric measurement, three-dimensional scanning, etc.

5. Multi wavelength laser - can integrate multiple wavelengths, mainly used in fields such as gene sequencing and fluorescence excitation.

The 2021 Laser World of Photonics China has come to a success. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business policy of innovation, quality, efficiency, and cooperation, and continue to provide better products and services to domestic and foreign customers.

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