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Milewave Photonics Successfully Participated in the 86th Shanghai CMEF Exhibition

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On May 14, 2023, the CMEF exhibition grandly opened in Shanghai, and Milewave Photonic, along with its hard power products, new products, and new technologies, appeared at booth ZA06 in Hall 8.1.


This exhibition attracted not only customers to exchange ideas on flow cytometry application lasers and gene sequencing lasers, but also digital PCR equipment customers to replace traditional LED light sources with universal LD laser light sources on site, thereby improving equipment detection accuracy. Many endoscopic customers are also confirming new solutions with our company. Overall, whether from perspective of cost or from the aspect of equipment upgrades and detection accuracy improvement, laser light sources are increasingly favored by in vitro diagnostic equipment development engineers.



The exhibition has come to a successful end, but the journey of Microelectronics has just begun. During the four-day exhibition period, Milewave booth welcomed numerous customers and industry colleagues to visit and exchange ideas. Thank to all the support and cooperation.

The COVID-19 has been raging in the past three years, which has had a great impact on human kind. However, we always believe that opportunities and difficulties always coexist. As long as we stick to our original intention, stay down-to-earth, and continue to innovate, we can definitely bring more innovative products to the industry, becoming the preferred supplier in the field of bioengineering lasers.

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