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The 2023 Milewave Group-Building Tour Successfully Ends

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In order to broaden horizon, relaxation, and enhance team cohesion, all employees of Milewave conducted a 3-day tourism Team-building activity on Shengsi Islands in Zhejiang Province from June 1st to 3rd. Everyone enjoyed the scenery by the mountain seaside, got close to nature, exercised, and refreshed.


In addition, everyone also appreciated local cultural and convetion , tasted local specialty cuisine.




Tourism is an important component of corporate culture, demonstrating the company's care for employees. This event not only helps employees to relax physically and mentally, but also enriches their leisure life and broadens their horiznon. Under the reflection of natural scenery and a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, employees play with each other, completely relaxing themselves, enhancing understanding and friendship, and creating a good foundation for further building a harmonious and friendly team.


Finally, all employees took a group photo as a souvenir, cheering and honored to be a member of Milewave.

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