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Domestic laser manufacturer -Milewave Photonics debuts at 2023CACLP

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On May 28-30, 2023, the 20th China Association of Clinical laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) was grandly held at the Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center.

As the leading manufacturer of bioengineering laser in China, Milewave Photonics brought a complete range of laser products to the exhibition, mainly including: first/second generation gene sequencer application lasers, flow cytometer lasers and multi-wavelength platforms, blood cell analyzer lasers, digital PCR lasers, etc., attracted numerous domestic and foreign IVD equipment customers to stop by, communicate, and appreciated the performance parameters, appearance , and beam quality, etc. of our lasers.



Milewave has been involved in the biological laser industry for many years and has a deep understand of personalized requirements of IVD customers both domestic and abroad for laser modules. We can provide customers with professional services throughout the entire process, from pre-sales plan confirmation, prototype testing, mid-term customer demand changes and advanced improvement, post sales service, all the eay to mass production. Customers can feel the professionalism and consideration of Milewave team throughout the entire stage. Milewave has sufficient patience and confidence to grow with customers and make contributions to precision medicine and human health.


The exhibition has come to a successful closure, and Milewave Photonics will continue to work hard to become a high-quality professional manufacturer of more specialized bio-engineering lasers.

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