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MILEWAVE Photonics Successfully Participated in the 86th Shanghai CMEF Exhibition

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MILEWAVE Photonics Successfully Participated in the 86th Shanghai CMEF Exhibition

Date of release:2023-05-19 Author: Click:

MILEWAVE Photonics Successfully Participated in the 86th Shanghai CMEF Exhibition


On May 14th, the CMEF exhibition grandly opened in Shanghai, and Milewave Photonics made its debut at booth ZA06 in Hall 8.1 with hard power products, new products, and new technologies.

During the four day exhibition period, the Milewave booth welcomed industry colleagues to visit and consult. Once again, thank you for your support and cooperation. In the future, we will continue to keep up with the pace of science and provide customers with cutting-edge scientific products!

In addition to attracting many new and old customers to have on-site conversations with flow cytometer application lasers and gene sequencing lasers, more digital PCR equipment customers are also actively exploring solutions to replace traditional LED light sources with universal LD laser light sources to improve equipment detection accuracy. Additionally, many endoscopic soft lens customers are also confirming laser solutions with our company. Whether from a cost perspective or from the upgrading of equipment and the improvement of detection accuracy, laser light sources are increasingly favored by in vitro diagnostic equipment development engineers.

The exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and the journey of Milewave has set sail. We always believe that for the future, opportunities and difficulties always coexist. We insist on treating the ever-changing market with an unchanged original intention, being down-to-earth, insisting on innovation, and striving to bring more innovative products to the industry. We have become the priority choice for biomedical customers to choose domestic laser replacements.



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