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Laser for gene sequencing

Gene sequencing: also known as DNA sequencing, it refers to the method of analyzing the base sequence of specific DNA fragments to obtain biological genetic information. The emergence of DNA sequencing has greatly promoted the research and discovery of biology and medicine. Gene sequencing uses chain termination method, which introduces fluorescent labeled oligonucleotides at the transcription end of DNA. At this time, DNA is divided into single strands of different lengths, which are then focused by a laser beam. Different fluorescent elements emit different colors of fluorescence, achieving the purpose of labeling nucleotide sequencing.


• Ultra Low Noise

• High power stability

• Good uniformity of light spot

• compact

• Integrated control and drive

• customizable

Laser performance for gene sequencing

Common wavelengths of gene sequencing lasers:

488 nm、514 nm、532 nm、577nm、639nm、660 nm、690nm等。

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